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You need affordable software solutions quickly, we provide Caspio Bridge solutions

We meet with you and understand your needs and problem areas. We go away and start to rapidly show you a prototype of your solution evolving. You understand the solution early and are part of its creation. You start to use reliable, affordable software that suits your needs.

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EarthWave Solutions provides software applications and information solutions. We design and build software for the non-profit sector and for business. We use Gartner rated Caspio Bridge for fast and efficient application delivery.

Deborah has designed and built software applications for large freight and engineering companies. She has also worked as a consultant business analyst and data modeller for a specialist software company. Subsequently, Deborah worked in the non-profit sector as a consultant, providing services related to strategy, organisational development and collaboration - including international alliances and networks. Her work in the non-profit sector has included the design of data models, systems and processes, liaison with software developers and the use of IT for collaboration.

Colin has developed clothing manufacturing, financial, logistics and production planning systems. He has managed extensive software development projects, cross continent infrastructure migrations and an extensive migration to cloud computing. He is a Caspio Certified Developer and develops applications based on Caspio Bridge cloud solutions.

earthwave web design

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